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    Avakin life is to play 3D mobile app with a huge online virtual community where you can customise your avatar with the hottest fashion trends and hairstyles, make friends, chat, customise your own apartments, visit amazing social spots, listen to your favourite music and own the dance floor with hundreds of dances and poses right at your fingertips! Avakin Life offers: • to play 3D chat • DOM to move, explore and emote in a 3D world • FUN with friends old and new • CUSTOMISATION of your apartment with furniture and décor • SOCIALISE with friends in your apartment or theirs • RATINGS AND RANKINGS for the best apartments • REGULAR UPDATES to expand the environments, furniture & animations available AND includes all your favourite Avakin features: • Simple, intuitive UI • One account shared across multiple apps • Inbuilt messaging, profiles, friends and challenges from your dashboard. We experimented with a number of apps in different categories and found an underserved female audience with Avakin Life, a 3D virtual world for meeting new people on mobile. Avakin Life is a game app for the iPhone which lets you create a life in a virtual 3D world and join millions of people and interact with them.

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    For those of you not in the know as of yet, Avakin Life is a 3D virtual world where you can create your own customized avatar and explore the Avakin Life world, meeting people and having fun. Enter Avakin Life to meet new people, chat with friends, and explore an ever-growing virtual 3D world. The virtual world of AVAKIN LIFE: an amazing 3D experience where you can meet people, chat & dress up!

    7 – Take advantage of our Avakin Life Online and become one of the best players of this game! Avakin Life is a Virtual World, Fantasy, Social, and Role-playing video game by Lockwood Publishing Ltd. For adults looking to connect with friends or meet new people, Avakin Life is a fun virtual outing, but it’s not for kids or young teens, as there are too many opportunities to interact with strangers, share personal information, and encounter adult behavior.

    In AVAKIN LIFE users create an avatar, dress it up, take it out, and decorate an apartment to hang out with friends. This means that all Avakin Life players will still have the opportunity to fashion their in-game character in one of our virtual #POSITIVITY t-shirts, while at the same time – supporting our mission for a positive and inclusive online environment for everybody. Lockwood Publishing first released Avakin Life in 2013 as an avatar-based social game for iOS and Android.

    Our hosts – Peggy Anne Salz and Shahab Zargari – discuss Avakin Life, an app that allows users to meet and mingle in a 3-D virtual world with Halli Bjornsson CEO and founder of Lockwood Publishing. Lockwood Publishing , developer and publisher of Avakin Life, the largest 3D virtual world on mobile has announced its mobile app will be available on Google’s new Daydream platform. Avakin Life is a to play social game for Android, iOS & Amazon devices.


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